Types of poopie

GHOST POOPIE: The kind where you feel the poopie come out, but there is no poopie in the toilet.

WET POOPIE: The kind where you wipe your butt fifty times and it still feels unwiped so you have to put toilet paper between your butt and underwear so you won't have a stain.

SECOND WAVE POOPIE: This happens when you are done poopeing and you have pulled your pants up to your knees, and you realize you have to poopie some more.

POP A VEIN IN YOUR FOREHEAD POOPIE: The kind of poopie that's so huge, you're afraid to finish without first breaking it into little pieces with a toilet brush so the toilet will flush.

GASSEY POOPIE: It's so noisy, everyone within earshot is giggling.

DRINKING POOPIE: The kind of poopie you have the morning after a long night of drinking. Its' most noticeable trait is the "skid" marks at the bottom of the toilet.

CORN POOPIE: Self-explanatory.

GEE-I-WISH-I-COULD-POOPIE POOPIE: The kind where you want to poopie but all you do is sit on the toilet and fart a few times.

SPINAL TAP POOPIE: That's where it hurts so bad coming out you'd swear it was leaving sideways.

WET CHEEKS POOPIE: (Also known as "power" dump) The kind that comes out and splashes all over the toilet bowl and your butt.

LIQUID POOPIE: The kind where yellowish-brown liquid shoots out of your butt and stains the toilet bowl permanently.

MEXICAN POOPIE: It smells so bad your nose bursts into flames.

SURPRISE POOPIE: The kind of poopie that you're not even at the toilet because your sure your about to fart, but oops! It's a poopie.

THE DANGLING POOPIE: The poopie that refuses to drop into the toilet, even though you are done, so you have to do a few shakes.