Personal Profile

Full name: Theodore Ip
nickname: Ted, Teddy, Theo, Tedster
Date of Birth: 11/13/79
parents: James, May
Sibs: Moses
School: UC Davis
Best friends: none
Pets and names: none
Jobs: none
Hobbies: basketball, basketball, basketball, snowboarding
Collect: basketball, baseball, football cards(used to), playing basketball
Best advice given: Life is too short to be stay sad or to hold a grudge.
Words or pharses I use too much: dunno
A non-sport game that I like: n64 Goldeneye and Smashbrothers.. i'll rock anyone in both
Dream car: none, just a average dependable car.. maybe one of the new celica's now
Kewlest experience: paintballing
Scariest thing i've ever done: jump out a window
Dumbiest thing i've ever done: jump out a window
Fave thing to do in the summer: b-ball
Fave thing to do in the winter: ski or snowboard
Special skills or talents: b-ball
Character Traits I look for in a Person: character, genuinity
What I Want To Be: something in the business field
Denomination: dunno but i guess one of the protestant christian ones
Fave music: U2 "with or with out you"
Fave color: blue or purple
Fave food: lobster
Fave vacation: someplace with out school work
Fave subject: none
Fave actor: none but Spacey comes to mind now.
Fave actress: none
Fave cartoons: Tom and Jerry, X-men
Fave movie: none
Fave music video: none
Fave animal: none
Fave t.v show: Home Improvement
Fave day of the week: Sat, Sun
Fave month: any month without school, or depending on my mood
Fave holidays: Christmas
Fave part of newspaper: sports
Fave things to wear: jeans, and a sweatshirt, and of course my vans