Reggie Lewis Memorial

Here's the start for this page. I plan on adding stuff like newspaper clippings and articles on his life and death. For those of you who have no idea who he is, Reggie Lewis was a NBA player for the Boston Celtics. The training and practice facility for the Celtics was the Brandeis University Gymnasium in Waltham, MA, where i played and practiced practically everyday(literaly during the summertime). So I had plenty of opportunities to see Reggie Lewis shoot around and play ball in there. The fact that he collapsed and died in that gymnasium shooting hoops made his death very real to me at that time. After his death, everytime I went back to the gymnasium i couldn't help but feel a little weird when i realized that Reggie died right there on the court that I was playing on. Reggie Lewis was a great basketball player and community leader. One of the things that stick in my mind about him was that one day in the gym he was practicing on his freethrows. As I watched him, he made one after another, sinking at least 20 or 30 in a row. You may say, that is no big deal for a NBA player, but then i saw him switch to his left hand and he was still making at least 20 in a row. I immediately went to work on the freethrow line trying to immitate him but to no avail. Making 10 in a row was good for me but once i went left-handed it was pathetic. I couldn't even hit the rim most of the time. So hopefully as i update this page u'll see how much he meant to me and the community of Boston.

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