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Last Updated: 4/5/2000

4/5 Well as you can see, there has been a little reorganizing here. Special thanks to Amy Huang for giving me the idea and helping me out with the coding and to Yating for finding this cool rain background you're seeing. Also new here are 5 more pictures added to the gallery. Reminder to anyone out there that i'm still accepting profiles that you can turn in for me to post. If you look under the articles you'll see a link to click for a blank profile page to fill out.

4/3 Added another 10 pictures to the gallery.

3/31 Added 5 more pictures to the gallery. Hope you like them.

3/30 Got some new stuff in here. With the influx of pictures, i've decided to make a separate picture gallery for the new pics. In there you'll find pictures from all over the country and from many different years. Make sure you take a look at all of them because i made sure i picked really interesting ones that anyone can enjoy. In all i have 25 pictures that i scanned. I'll be putting them in a little at a time because it's quite time consuming to program them into the page as well as coming up with captions for them. So be sure to check back here periodically to see what new pics are in!

3/14 All right. I know it's been a while since my last update but as i've said, until i come home to Albany i'm kinda limited right now with stuff to put on. My quarter is coming to a close next week with finals so as of now i plan on coming home on the 26th, sunday. During that week(my spring break) u should see plenty of updates to the site. I plan on putting together a picture gallery of me and my family's life. There will be a memorial type thing that i'm going to do on Reggie Lewis(a Boston Celtic player) and a friend i knew back in middle school, Aaron Osgood. Not that any of you care, but the UC Davis basketball team got knocked out of the playoffs during this past weekend, 4 games shy of a divisionII championship. But mark my word, they will be back stronger next year.

3/7 Hi again. As you can see i've been adding quite a few articles but everyone knows pictures are the way to go. I haven't been able to go home to Albany recently because that was where I was going to get the bulk of my pictures. I have a scanner at home and as soon as I get the chance I'll load in pictures that I think are remotely interesting(hopefully). In the meanwhile, ***IF ANY OF YOU HAVE PICTURES*** you want me to put up, feel free to email them to me at TeddyCC@aol.com and I'll put some tape on them and stick them to the hopepage. aka(load em in). For now, the only new thing is the profile page that I have. Only one other person in it so far, so email those to me when you get the chance... ok i've procrastinated long enough.. back to my 10 page research paper now. Over and out, Ted Ip

3/5 This is it!!! I'm starting my homepage and this will be the intro. We've got pictures here of part of my life and a guestbook and message forum that I hope you will utilize. Just for the basic info, if u haven't guessed it my name is Ted Ip and I'm a 3rd year student at UC Davis in California. For those of you people back in Boston, hopefully this will give you a glipse into my so-called life. As I continue updating this homepage I started wondering why I was doing this. I guess it's to teach myself html programming. Hopefully you will see the progress as time goes on.


UPDATED 4/5 ***PHOTO GALLERY*** Brand new item here.

Andy Picture of a friend of mine from the dorms freshman year. Here he is battletanking it out.

Ben Picture of one of my housemates.

Bob Picture of my housemate with his girlfriend Kristen.

Scott Crump Friend of mine that is good in virtually any video game imaginable.

Goofy Picture Very goofy, stupid picture of(from left to right) Chris P. friend of mine from freshman dorms, Mike my roomate, and me. I appologize for the very idiotic pose we have going on here.

ME Picture of me punching away at the N64 buttons.

Defensive Trap Had to have a picture of me, Quen and David duking it out on the courts. Notice the very technical trap defense that Quen and I executed against a helpless David Kao!


***Ted's Chat Forum*** It's kinda lame right now cause they only way people will be in there is if you email them or tell them beforehand. But if you have friends that don't have AIM but do have internet access, feel free to use this chat forum.

2nd Chat Room I've been having problems with the first one so we'll see if this one works any better.

UPDATED 3/14 Reggie Lewis Memorial Start page of my Reggie Lewis memorial.

UPDATED 3/14 Class Schedule Here's my proposed class schedule for spring quarter.

UPDATED 3/31 Profile Page Page of profiles of people I know.

If you want to submit your profile to me via email I'll be happy to put it on my homepage. Just CLICK HERE for a blank profile sheet for you to cut and paste. If you email it to me at Teddycc@aol.com I'll put it up as soon as possible. Thanx!

Baked Beans Story Infamous baked beans story(some of you may have read it already).

Personal Profile Here's my personal profile.

Peace, Love, Confidence Answers to ALL of life's problems right here!!!

Types of Poopie Ever wonder what types of poopie there are? Well if you click here you'll know every type, anyone's ever had!

Worship Songs Click here to download a Word document containing guitar chords and words to 414 worship songs. A must have for any guitar enthusiest or worship leader! Note: The file is in zip format so you'll have to unzip it first before you can open it.

Holocaust Research Paper A research paper I did on the different death camp types used in the Holocaust and the suffering that people endured from the train ride there to their method of execution. This paper shows progressively, the step by step improvement the Nazi's had in performing mass murder in a clean and timely fashion. WARNING: ***There is a lot of graphic detail.*** Very informative and enlightening though. I highly suggest that if you know nothing or little of what Jewish and minority groups endured during WWII that you take a little time out of your day to read through this. It puts things in perspective.

Internet Links

Click here to go to the Godboard, a message forum for my church in Berkeley, CFC.

Click here to go to SacBee weather, in case u ever wonder what the weather is like up here.

My AIM(AOL Instant Messanger) screenname is Tednip. My icq# is 5129164. Feel free to say hi. Unless I'm super busy, in which case it wouldn't even be on, I will respond.

Before you leave, don't forget to sign the guestbook down below so I know you've been here. I also have a message board/forum where you can leave messages or questions. I know for a couple of you I'm really slow in replying to emails so this might make it a little bit easier. So make sure you stop by these 2 places!!! P.S. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY PROBLEMS SUCH AS DEAD LINKS OR ANYTHING ELSE! Thank You.

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